Maintaining Your Automated Gate

Posted on 22nd Aug 2018

An automated gate brings many benefits to homeowners. However, to get the most out of your automatic gate it needs to be maintained. Keep reading, to discover our tips for maintaining your automatic gate.

Inspect Your Automatic Gate Regularly

A regular inspection of your gate will help stop small problems from becoming big ones. Look for:

  • Loose bolts or cables
  • Visible signs of wear in bearings
  • Rust on the metal components
  • Areas that need to be stained or oiled if your gate is made of wood

Keep It Clean

Keep your gate looking good with a regular clean. It’s important to avoid getting water in the door opener, but otherwise, a thorough wash will keep it looking like new. Lubrication is also important to keep all your parts moving smoothly. The chain, roller, pulley and hinge should all be lubricated every 6 months.

Test The Auto Reverse Function

It’s a good idea to test the reverse function of your automated gate approximately once a month. Thes best way to do this is to put an obstacle (like a block of wood) in the path of the closing gate. Your automatic gate should recognise the obstruction and reverse open. If it doesn’t, call your local automatic gate professional for assistance. Do no use the gate until it has been fixed.

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