BlazeAid: Rebuilding Fences & Lives

Posted on 5th Feb 2020


Recovering from bushfire is a lengthy and painful process. This summer has been especially devastating with fires still burning in many places across the country. With so many properties destroyed and vast areas of land burnt, communities have been warned that the rebuilding process could take 3-5 years.


At this point you are probably thinking of rebuilding homes. Unless you are a farmer or live in a rural area, you probably haven’t considered the urgency (or the expense) of rebuilding fences.


And this is where BlazeAid steps in.


What Does BlazeAid Do?

BlazeAid is a charity working with rural Australia to help them recover after natural disasters by rebuilding fences and other structures that have been destroyed. Volunteers sign up and travel to rural properties where they camp onsite for the duration of the project. No experience is necessary as a team leader who knows how to fence is assigned to each team. Age is no barrier either and teams consist of both men and women of all ages including teenagers and people in their 80’s.


Read more about becoming a BlazeAid Volunteer


BlazeAid Locations


There are currently BlazeAid camps operating in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. And while there have been frustrations with red tape, BlazeAid still has a record 25 volunteer camps running.


"The only time we're slowed up is with shire councils,said co-founder and president, Kevin Butler.


With livestock running around on the roads, BlazeAid is considering bypassing councils if necessary.