History Of Fences: 3 Interesting Fencing Facts

Posted on 18th Nov 2018

Your fence is an important asset. Whether you own a house in the suburbs or a rural property in a regional area, a fence protects your land and marks out its boundaries. As a fencing company, we are passionate about our line of work and always interested to hear about different types of fences and the history of the industry. Here are 3 interesting facts about the history of fences that you may not be aware of. 

3 Interesting Fencing Facts

Boundary Fencing in Hobart

The Boundary Fences Act 1908 (Tas) contains all the relevant laws relating to the construction and repair of boundary fences in Tasmania. Some of the more pertinent information:

  • Fences between properties must be rabbit proof
  • Council planning approval is required for fences more than 2.1 metres high
  • Landowners on both sides of a fence are equally responsible for its repair
  • When erecting a fence, both landowners are responsible to contribute. The proportion each owner much contribute will be specified by an arbitrator.

Hobart Fencing & Gates

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